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  10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers


10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Hey, guys, Google Adsense is the world biggest ads network platform and they provide huge money for your bloggers when you turn your blog to monetization Adsense is the first choice for you.

Some of the blogger share they Adsense monthly income so check it once if you check it you got an idea how much we earn from Adsense. Guys everyone has a dream to earn money from Google AdSense if they rejected what happened to your dreams. Dont worry some AdSense alternatives are ready for you, compare to AdSense it might low but if you have some valuable traffic you can make wonders with those alternatives. Check the list below we are placed.

New bloggers are confident, dont disappoint for the first time it happened every big blogger also get this problem so dont bother you have a good solution and know click the mouse and check the Adsense alternatives this is the time😅.

Adsense alternatives are mentioned below in some reasons or issues will happen to your blog AdSense will be rejected or deactivated.

Heads up when your niche will get good organic traffic maximum to try for Adsense, if you are tired then go for AdSense alternatives, depending on your niche some ad network programs will provide good earnings. And dont forget Adsense id contextual ad network program. In below list, you may get some non-contextual ad programs.

What Is Google Adsense?

If you dont know about google AdSense we explain what is Google Adsense.Its an ad network established in 2003, and this is the world biggest ad networking programme. You may monetize your web with AdSense they will provide and money for the total guide they will explain.

For getting Adsense to your website its some critical but when you reach some best content it’s not hard for you. Traffic is low or some dont worry apply with good content you will get it.

Why Adsense Alternatives

We are trying for it but we dont get because we are not reached Adsense polices, what we do dont bother for it jus search for Adsense alternatives. To make online money sure to choose some other ad networks

  • Two reasons will go for Adsense alternatives
  • If you have AdSense account and fully verified but you dont get good money form your blog then you will go for another ad network, you can use different ad networks together.
  • In case if you dont get approval from Adsense for your website then go for alternative 
  • Please check your region, traffic and apply for ad network program.

List Of Google AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers

3). Amazon Display Ads
 Programme Name   Ad Type   Minimum Payout   Payout Method 
 Media.Net  Display and Text Ads  $100  Paypal, Wire Tranfer
 PropellerAds  Various  $25  Serveral Options
 Amazon Display Ads   Display  Wire Tranfer,Gift ochers  
 Adversal  Display Ads  $20  Serveral Options
 Infolinks  Display Ads  $5   Serveral Options
 Adsterra  Display Ads  $100  Wire Tranfer, Paypal
 Viglink  Text Ads  $10  Paypal
 yllix  Various  $100  Paypal Ach
 Bidvertiser  Text Ads  $10  Paypal
 Evadav  Display Ads   $100  Paypal
This is the best Google AdSense alternative compare to others and managed by Yahoo and Bing. If you have heavy traffic from USA, Canda and UK, Perfect program Polices then apply for it. It Biggest Contextual ad network.
A big opponent of Adsense, minimum payout $100 and they transfer from PayPal or Wiretransfer so check the criteria and apply for it.
  • Various ad bids
  • Minimum payout $25
  • Paypal Supported
Guys if are going for PropellerAds, I recommend for you because they dont need any polices like traffic, niche and domain so, please check the program police before joining the programme.
3).Amazon Display Ads
generate addition money Bloggers and other user using Affiliate marketing, but amazon native ads will generate a high-level money
  • Display (Native Ads)
  • Minimum Payout (depend on region)
  • For apply Adversal you need to have 50000K page views for the month.
  • Minimum payout $25
  • Paypal and Bank Wire Transfer supported
  • 3 to 4 days to get approved
  • Its work with the click-through rate and work globally. send the brand message to engage customers.
  • Approve in just two minutes
  • its  improve clickthrough rate
  • Minimum payout $5
  • Several options to get money(Paypal, Bank, Ach)
  • This doesn’t rely on google offers to both publishers and advertisers
  • Allow the Native Banners, Popunder and Social media ads also.
  • Fast-growing and well-developing ad network.
  • Paypal Support and wire Transfer also available
  • Minimum Payout $25
  • VigLink converts your outbound link to affiliate Links
  • You can earn money when your sells will reach
  • Best Adsense alternative and alternative for Skimlinks
  • Paypal and Bank Wire supported
  • Minimum Payout $10
  1. If you are really searching for the best click rate ad network the Yellix will stand for you, supported popunder, mobile redirection, layers and sliders.
  2. Instant account approval
  3. Minimum payout $100
  4. Allow the referral program
  5. Both Paypal and bank wire transfer allowed
  • Best alternative and famous ad network supported global worth
  • Payout $10
  • Paypal Supported 
  • Screening the ads 
  • Good CPC
  • Its ad network provides push notifications.
  • Also provide multiple ads like Banners, sliders and Videos ads also
  • When a subscriber subscribes your account via push notification they will connect with you.
  • Allow the referral program
  • Benefits get good traffic and worth for good income.
  • Paypal supported
Conclusion: Get good traffic and make good content, Seo also. This is the secret of every blogger so make it know. Must and should the ad network program polices and gets good results we hope this content will reach your heart. Maybe.

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