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Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boys

        Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boys


Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boys: Krishna the supreme soul of the eternal world, Hindu mythology says he is lord and he is everything, every word, every creation, each and every question will be created by Lord Krishna. Guys today we are placing Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boys so choose which name will good for your baby boy. Guys first remember one thing please choose a good I mean its depend on your baby boy birthdate and something so please select which name will useful and perfect for you.

Who Is Lord Krishna baby boys

Lord Krishna, he is Almighty the 7th avatar of Lord Narayana, he is born as dark skin but the mesmerising face, beautiful body, Devaki and Vasudev born the Krishna but he grows up on Nanda Maharaj and Yashoda. Childhood of Krishna is the mythology of Hindus Krishna very naughty and wonderful boy, always trying to bother Gopikas but they love Krishna eternally, he is butter thief always eat butter and playing with cows. The dressing style of Krishna no words about it on head peacock tail always wear Flute. That’s why we called him MURALIDAR.

At childhood, he has killed so many devils like Pothana a lady monster, a stork devil and more a monster as fire weapon he was killed d by our Bala Krishna that’s why we call MURARI. He does everything for people that’s why he is Janardan, he finished the one monster name as Keshi that’s why he is KESHAVA.Krishna as so many names because of one and only one in the world who is supported, love.

Lord Krishna is the king of love and he loved RADHA. Radha is Devotte of Love, she loves Krishna eternally no one can love Krishna like Radha. But they dont marry but they dont close her love. When I thought RADHA KRISHNA they or not two they are one soul. Stoy of Brundvanam every word will show the love of Radhakrishna. I Think without Radha Krishna feel iam, not a god. That’s why when we thought love we will remember Radhakrishna.

He went Madura kill his uncle Kamsa and announces his grandfather as king to Madura after that create Dwaraka that’s why he is DWARAKADISH. Supported the Pandavas and run the Kurukshetra. In this battle, we are learning the mighty word and the book of Hindu The great Bhgavadgith poet by Krishna for Arjuna. He does an extraordinary thing for people and create a very wealthy society and leave the earth. So, guys, he is great and wonderful to us that’s why to make our baby boy names with names of Our Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boys List

 S.No  Name  Meaning
 1  Rishikesha      Lord of the all senses  
 2  Kamalantha  Concert of goddess Lakshmi 
 3  Keshava  Who is killed Keshi Monster, Who has long Black Ring hair 
 4  Vasudeva  Son of Vasudeva
 5  Radhakrishna   Lover Of Radha (Queen Of love)
 6  Murari  Who kills Murre devil
 7  Muralimanohar   Who is always wear a flute
 8  Punya  Supremely pure
 9  Ranchod  Battle living man
 10  Sanatan  The eternal one
 11  Gopala  Cowherd
 12  Dwarakadeesh  The king of the Dwaraka
 13  Hari  King of nature
 14  Paratpara  Greatest In the world
 15  Sarvagraharupi  To All Formed One The In The Universe
 16  Nandakumar  Son of Nanda Maharaj
 17 Sarvabhutatmaka   Soul of elements
 18  Madhusudan  The slayer of the devil Madha
 19  vedvedya  King of Vedas
 20  Navanithchora  The thief of butter
 21  Tirtakara  Creator of holy places
 22  Parthasarathy  The charioteer of Arjuna
 23  Narayana  The lord Vishnu
 24  Prabrhma  Who is everything
 25  Madava  Form of Everything for Yadav
 26  Yadunandana  King of Yadav kingdom
 27  yagnabhokta  One who consumes the sacrificial offering
 28  Gopinatha  Lord of the gopis
 29  Damodara  One tied up with the rope at the waist
 30  Nandlal  Loved by Nanda Maharaj
 31  Radhavallaba  Lover of Radha
 32  Balakrishna  Child Krishna
 33  Yogeshwara  The lord of the yogi
 34  Bihari  The travelling lord
 35  Bhaktavastra  Uplifts of devotees
 36  Gopalpriya  Lower of Cowherds
 37  Jagannatha  Preceptor Of the universe
 38  Giridhari  Who lifted a Gowardan Hill
 39  Jagadish  Lord Of the universe
 40  Vishwakarma  Vishvamurthi

Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boys Conclusion:

My dear Krishna lovers if you love him just choose our Radhakrishna Names as our baby boy names. People I try to my best and create a wonderful post for you so if do any wrong please share the comment on comment section tq

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