Latest 300+ Instagram User Names

instagram user names

Latest 300+ Instagram User Names

Instgram user Nmaes

Instagram is a popular social networking site with more than 1 billion users. You can upload pictures, videos and tag them with your location or post captions. You can also follow your friends or famous celebrities and get their updates. Instagram User names Will help you and we can trust 100% because it’s owned by FB and whatsapp

How To Install Instagram App

Opening an Instagram account is a quick and easy process.. so what are you waiting for??

Open an instagram account by downloading it from the app store. Register using your email or phone number. Once an account is created you will be prompted to put a user name of your choice.

Uses Of Instagram User Names

Having an easy and attractive username helps your friends to find you easily. Your username (also known as a handle) helps others to know you. It is how you will be seen by others.
A username or handle can be of 30 characters. It can be alphabets, numbers, periods and underscores. But with millions of followers, most of the usernames are already taken. The trickier part is Instagram does not allow the same username for more than one account.

Irony is that even famous celebrities like Ram Charan (a Tollywood Hero) had to take “alwaysramcharan” as his user name instead of “Ramcharan” or “Konidela.Ramcharan” or “Ramcharankonidela” as they were already taken.
Similarly Indian cricketer M.S. Dhoni had to take “mahi7781” instead of “M.S. Dhoni” or “Mahendra Singh Dhoni” as they were already taken by other users.

Now are you worried if your name would have been taken too?? Or are you confused which username suits you? Don’t worry… We will help you find one.

Tips for an attractive and unique username for Instagram

How To Select Instagram Name

The most important and basic thumbrule is that your username should be memorable, easy to pronounce and spell. It should be easy to say it and share it. If your handle is @iamsooocute.. It is easy to say but difficult to know how many ooo s are in the sooo. So try to avoid such names as they can be confusing.

  1. Use Your name as your username. Ex: ArjunReddy
  2. If your name is already taken use your surname or last name. Ex: ArjunReddysuravaram
  3. Best part about Instagram is you can use symbols in the username. Arjun_Reddy or #ArjunReddy or Arjun.Reddy
  4. If even all the above dont work you can add a number to your username. The number can be your birth date or any other number like your lucky number or birth year or any fancy number. Ex Mahi7781 or Anjana95
  5. You can also try a combination of numbers and symbols. Ex Arjun.Reddy15 If all the above tricks still could not get you your desired username.. Don’t be disheartened. We have more ideas for you. Keep reading…
  6. Use your nickname or pet name. Ex:sweetyniha
  7. Use part of your name. Ex: @Sid_krish if your name is Siddhartha Krishna
  8. Your username can be something which describes your interests. Ex: Gamerpooja
  9. You can use an adjective along with your name and make it creative. Awesomeprakash or Geniusvishwa
  10. you can use two adjectives along with your name. Ex: Lighteningcoolmegha
  11. You can also use some fairy characters or superheroes like Barbie.likitha or Ironman.himanshu
  12. you can use totally random names or your interests as your user names. Ex thetrueindian, bharatvaasi, etc
  13. Your handle can also represent what you want to use the account for.. If you are a pet lover and just want to update pictures and videos of pets the user name can be @cutepuppies or @lovelyanimalhub
  14. If your account represents a theme like positive quotes or inspirational quotes you can have a handle like @positiveworld, @makingadifference @goodquotes4u etc
  15. If you want to share your talents and creativity using instagram you can choose a handle which represents your work. Ex:Gardening_tricks or traditional_designs etc
  16. If you want to use instagram to promote your business activity make sure that your handle is your business name or represents your business activity Ex: themainebrewbus (is the name of a company)
  17. You can also choose a handle representing your business activity Ex: cheaperbuses4hire
  18. When we build a username using some keywords or adjectives we can always check how competitive those keywords are. It is preferable to use a handle which has less competitive keywords if you want your profile to show up easily.
    If a handle is already taken and if that user is very active with many followers its better to choose other handles.
  19. You can use some username generators online.
  20. You can pick a name directly from this blog.

Some Don’t s in choosing a handle

  1. Be yourself and dont copy others. Everyone loves you based on what YOU ARE and would not like you to just copy from others.
    For example if you take a handle @Samantha.Akkineni or @Samantharuthprabhu and get lot of followers, they might not last long. The original samantha can get you removed from Instagram too for this.
  2. Do not use hate words and be sensitive. There is a chance of someone reporting against you and you being removed.
  3. You can claim a username which is inactive if you have a trademark (which is unlikely). In case you do not have a trademark and if the original user is inactive wait for a day when Instagram removes all inactive and fradulent user accounts. Then you may get the desired username. But for this you have to be vigilant.

Meanwhile you can check and try handles from below

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@my way or highway


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